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  • Approval will be sought for 4 hours of continuing education (CEU) credits for chiropractic and naturopathic physicians in surrounding states (facilitated by the University of Bridgeport Division of Health Sciences Postgraduate Education Dept.). Nutritionist credits will be sought through NANP.


Place:   Houston, TX 

Date:    05/06/17

Time:    1:00pm-5:00pm registration starts at 12:30pm

Venue:  Hotel Derek

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Featuring Nalini Chilkov

  • Practitioners are routinely faced with patients who are at risk of cancer occurrence or recurrence, yet many have limited knowledge of how to approach risk reduction in the increasing numbers of patients concerned about cancer risk and cancer prevention.

    Biomarkers may be used both to assess and to manage cancer risk in the general practice setting. Monitoring selected biomarkers can guide the clinician in the use of individualized interventions aimed at altering the bioterrain in order to reduce the risk of cancer incidence and recurrence. Clinicians will learn to use specific laboratory assessments and case studies so that they can develop personalized risk reduction care plans utilizing nutraceuticals, phytochemicals, functional foods and dietary and lifestyle interventions.

    Clinicians must be prepared to meet the needs of the one in two men and one in three women who will experience a diagnosis of cancer in their lifetime, and to provide services and support to the more than 15 million cancer survivors and the 18 million predicted by 2022 in the United States alone.

  • Learning Objectives:

  • Understand and identify prognostic and predictive risk factors and biomarkers that promote a carcinogenic and tumorogenic bioterrain

  • Understand how to monitor selected biomarkers utilizing laboratory assays

  • Understand and identify biomarker informed interventions utilizing natural compounds and functional foods for managing and reducing cancer risk and promoting normal function

  • Understand how to develop a biomarker informed personalized cancer risk reduction care plan to promote a microenvironment that is not supportive of the development, growth or spread of cancer



      • The role of biomarkers in cancer risk reduction

      • How can specific biomarkers guide assessment and early intervention

      • Biomarkers are not diagnostic

      • The tumor microenvironment

      • Cultivating models of integrative collaborative cancer care

      • 2) Preparatory Phase- Adrenal & GI Connection

      • a) HPA Axis

      • b) Anti-inflammatory Diet


      • Coagulation factors

      • Coagulation biomarkers

      • Copper status

      • Vitamin D status

      • Inflammation status

      • Insulin resistance and obesity

      • Diabetes, hyperglycemia, insulinemia and cancer biomarkers


      • Metastatic ovarian cancer

      • Uterine sarcoma


    • All seminars are on Saturdays from 1:00pm-5:00pm

    • Registration starts at 12:30pm

    • Reception immediately following seminar

  • Dr. Nalini Chilkov is a leading authority and pioneer in the field of integrative cancer care, cancer prevention, and immune enhancement. She is the founder of the American Institute of Integrative Oncology Research & Education and IntegrativeCancerAnswers. com. She authored the bestselling book, 32 Ways to OutSmart Cancer: Create a Body Where Cancer Cannot Thrive, and serves on the Scientific Advisory Boards of Mederi Foundation and Fran Drescher’s Cancer Schmancer Foundation.

    Dr. Chilkov has lectured at the School of Medicine at UCLA and UC Irvine, and conducts seminars and training programs for clinicians worldwide. She is a popular contributor to the Healthy Living section of the Huffington Post, has been featured as a cancer expert on NBC TV, and is recognized as one of the Top 10 Online Influencers for Breast Cancer by WebMD and Dr. Mehmet Oz’s

    Dr. Chilkov’s OutSmart Cancer Programs are recognized as the most comprehensive, science-based, safe and natural programs for supporting cancer patients, survivors, and those who do not want to get cancer.

    With more than 30 years of clinical experience combining the best of modern functional medicine with the ancient wisdom of traditional Oriental and natural healing, Dr. Chilkov is a seasoned clinician and an innovator, building bridges between modern and traditional healing paradigms, and partnering with physicians to achieve the best outcomes for patients.

    Dr. Chilkov’s private practice is located in Santa Monica (Los Angeles), California.

Early Bird Registration: $129 USD

*Eearly bird price available until one month before scheduled seminar date
Regular Price: $189 USD