First of Its Kind Formula

Supports Healthy Prostate and Urinary Function Without Lowering DHT Levels*

Some of the most common and frustrating prostate concerns for men age 40 to 70+ are frequent urination, restriction of flow, and urinary retention.
Prostect™ is a powerful, non-hormonal formula containing research-backed botanicals that together provide synergistic and complementary action to support optimal prostate health.
While saw palmetto is recommended for men with elevated DHT, Prostect™ eliminates saw palmetto as it inhibits the conversion of testosterone to DHT, which can lead to loss of libido and strength.

What Is It?

The ideal supplement for men who want to get a head start promoting a healthy prostate as they age into their 40’s and beyond. Our new multi-action prostate formula, with clinically proven nutrients, supports healthy prostate function and urine flow at any age.

DFH has crafted this new formula to be the most comprehensive approach to prostate health in order to:

Promote healthy urination flow and frequency

Support healthy prostate size and function

Support normal erectile function

Promote healthy Prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels

Support healthy microbial balance in urinary tract

Support healthy balance of testosterone to estrogen

Be fast acting: benefits may be observed in as soon as 3-6 months

How Does It Work?

Prostect acts as an all-in-one, multifaceted supplement to support optimal prostate health and wellness. Our safe and non-hormonal formula combines natural extracts that work synergistically and are clinically shown to promote prostate vitality.

Graminex® Flower Pollen Extract

Supported by over 100 clinical studies, this proprietary combination of unique non-allergenic pollen extracts with powerful phytotherapeutic properties promotes healthy prostate size and urinary function*

Cranberry Extract

This 100% all-natural, full spectrum antioxidant botanical supports men’s wellbeing for healthy urinary flow and frequency*

Pomegranate Extract

One of the most research-backed pomegranate extracts on the market today, this potent antioxidant promotes healthy hormone metabolism and erectile function*

Why Prostect™?

Advanced technology backed with research-based quality

Meaningful quantities of therapeutic ingredients

Multifaceted support of prostate function and overall prostate health

An easy preventative and maintenance formula with no negative effects

Our quality and efficacy promise means always pure and effective products

Gluten Free



Zero Artificial

"Prostect™ truly is the first entirely novel prostate health product available in decades." — David M. Brady, ND

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Why Designs for Health?

Science Based Formula Design

Our “Science First” philosophy defines our unwavering commitment to science-driven research. Formulations are crafted with the ideal combinations of therapeutic ingredients and potencies to maximize successful treatment outcomes.

Premium Ingredient Selection

We work with the most reputable raw material suppliers to select the best ingredients. Internal and third party testing meticulously check for perfect potency, composition, and purity.

GMP Certified Manufacturing

Our facilities are third party certified for good manufacturing practices. This rigorous product testing at our DFH-owned facilities in Montana and Nevada ensure the highest quality throughout the process.

Convenient Purchasing Options

We make our products available through the shopping methods that work for you. Order at your convenience, have your supplements shipped direct and lightning-fast.

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