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Designs For Health Metabolic Testing

Designs for Health has teamed with Genova Diagnostics - Metametrix Clinical Laboratory to bring you the Designs for Health Metabolic ProfilesSM. The profiles give you the tools you need to assess your patients' nutritional and metabolic health with no blood draw required! Combining organic acid, lipid peroxide, fatty acid, IgG food antibody, and amino acid testing, the profiles help you target each patient's needs. Patient-specific supplement recommendations based on individual test results help you select the most efficient combination of DFH products to meet those needs, which is consistent with the "Science First" philosophy at Designs for Health. know more

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Integrative Cancer Care: Optimizing the Biological Terrain and Supporting Healthy Function

Featuring: Dr. Nalini Chilkov, LAc, OMD
Place and Date:Chicago, IL 10/18/14