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Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing Process

From Raw Material to Finished Product

Designs for Health's wholly owned manufacturing division, Ashley-Martin Manufacturing, allows for optimized control over essential elements of production including new product formulation, manufacturing scheduling, and quality procedures. In this facility we manufacture over 90% of our products in a variety of synergistic forms. Our customers benefit from this in many ways, including the average creation of over 25 new products per year, our low product back order history, and our exceedingly high finished product quality standards.

Designs for Health has always provided diverse supplement offerings to fit every lifestyle. Not only do we manufacture most of our own capsules, but we control the manufacture of softgels, powders, liquids, and specialty items such as topicals. The rigorous Quality Assurance Program, employed by both companies, ensures that from ingredient to finished product, we provide a superior product, no matter what form.

Both Designs for Health (DFH) and Ashley-Martin Manufacturing (AMM) are NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) certified GMP compliant and have been since May of 2009. In order to keep our certifications current we undergo four on-site audits each year.

Designs for Health and Ashley-Martin Manufacturing Quality Assurance Process

Flow chart

AMM also keeps retained samples for all raw materials; both AMM and DFH keep retained samples for finished products in compliance with FDA regulations.

All product concerns are tracked through our Customer Relationship Management system to identify trends and ensure proper follow-up on an individual basis.