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Maximizing Product Efficacy

Maximizing Product Efficacy

Product Efficacy

There is much more to developing efficacious nutritional therapies than simply utilizing the highest quality raw materials available. Designs for Health understands the factors that impact efficacy, and will sacrifice nothing in the pursuit of excellence, because for us product design has always been synonymous with scientific integrity.

Raw Materials Commitment

We take pride in our exceptionally high standards for raw material selection, employing an extensive process that meets or exceeds accepted purity standards. Only ingredients backed by adequate scientific research are included in our products, and every nutrient is

well researched for its metabolic pathways and potential side effects. At Designs for Health, we embrace the importance of purity and the need to address chemical sensitivities. Thus, we have established the following unmatched raw materials commitment:

  • DFH nutritional supplements are 100% gluten-free
  • DFH products are free of all forms of soy protein
  • DFH never adds artificial sweeteners or detrimental levels of nutritive sweeteners to our products (sucrose, glucose, or fructose, including concentrated fruit juices)

Once we've designed a product with the right ingredients, our quest for excellence continues. Our nutrition and product development experts follow the latest research to ensure that we are using the finest ingredients available. Though not common industry practice, Designs for Health is always willing to switch to better ingredients when they become available. Our practitioners notice this difference and it is one of the reasons we maintain such a loyal customer base. A great deal of time and resources are invested in the development of Designs for Health formulas, and we believe in using only top quality ingredients for maximum efficacy.

Meaningful Quantities of Therapeutic Elements

All Designs for Health products contain meaningful quantities of therapeutic elements. Our product development team analyzes the latest studies and research to support our formulations. We use no more, and no less, than the optimal quantity needed to achieve the best possible results.

Synergistic Formulations

Synergies exist for many combinations of nutrients, and our formulas take full advantage of this principle. Designs for Health offers numerous formulas containing synergistic groups of nutrients that satisfy the therapeutic goals for various deficiency states and conditions. Developing these exclusive formulas requires unique expertise and care. Our development experts employ a holistic approach, always taking into account the complexity of human metabolic pathways. When formulating a complex array of nutrients, we always review the complete clinical picture to avoid, for example, metabolic imbalances caused by high doses of one particular nutrient. In addition to their inherent benefits, synergistic formulas often enhance patient compliance by minimizing the number of supplements a patient is asked to consume.

Nutrient Form

Nutrient form selection is aimed at maximizing stability, absorption, and metabolic potential of individual nutrients or combinations of nutrients. Nutrient distribution is optimized through a variety of forms including capsules, tablets, softgels, powders, topicals, bars, and liquids. In many cases, our products are available in a variety of forms, because we recognize that different health conditions and personal tastes necessitate these options.