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Building Your Business to Scale

Date:    Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Time:   8pm EST (5pm PST)

With: Karl Krummenacher, Chief Operating Officer, Mindshare Collaborative



  • You’ve written the book, designed your product, built your funnel – now what?

    It’s time for clarity.

    In this 90-minute live webinar, Karl will teach you the essential steps to own your expertise, expand your influence, and scale your business.

    If you’re online but not hitting your growth goals, this webinar is for you.

    For 30+ years, Karl has grown multiple businesses in a variety of markets, including nutrition, entertainment, personal care and marketing. As COO of Mindshare Collaborative (the community of heath & wellness entrepreneurs founded by JJ Virgin) Karl provides one-on-one coaching to many of today’s most recognized entrepreneurs.

    Join Karl as he walks you through the essential steps, resources and strategies you need to successfully grow your coaching, self-paced training, physical products, or service business.

  • Join us & learn:

  • Your brand promise - Connect your products to market demand.

  • Want vs. need - How to position your product for maximum traction.

  • Validating your ideas - How to test before you invest.

  • Outsourcing vs. hiring - When to do each.

  • Market leverage - Growing your tribe through other people’s audiences.

  • Karl consistently receives high reviews for making complex ideas easy to understand and execute. This isn’t theory. You’ll leave with an actionable plan and know exactly where to focus your energy for maximum return on time.

  • Karl Krummenacher is the COO of Mindshare Collaborative, focused on helping health and wellness entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses. Additionally, he is the co-founder of Wellness Media Group, a company specializing in marketing solutions for healthcare providers and experts, and created the Your Best Life Podcast on the Wellness Radio Network.

    A husband, father of two, and lifelong entrepreneur, Karl has served as CEO, COO, President, and Director of Product Development for a host of established companies and early stage ventures. He has been involved in wellness and nutrition for over twenty years, and when he’s not busy helping others grow their health-oriented businesses, he can be found enjoying his other passions—aviation, classic cars, and photography.


Topic : Building Your Business to Scale

With : Hosted by Karl Krummenacher, Chief Operating Officer, Mindshare Collaborative

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