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21st Century Epidemics: Autoimmune, Lyme, & Stealth Infectious Diseases

Place:   Toronto, Canada 

Date:    April 2, 2016

Time:    9:00am - 5:00pm,  registration starts at 8:30am

Venue:  Sheraton Parkway

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Featuring David M. Brady, ND, DC, CCN, DACBN and Todd LePine, MD

The Epidemic of Autoimmune, Lyme, & Stealth Infectious Diseases

  • From children to adults, autoimmune conditions, Lyme disease and co-infections, and various conditions linked to chronic stealth infection are growing in incidence at an alarming rate. While these clinical issues are becoming more widespread there is considerable controversy and confusion on proper diagnosis and management options both within orthodox and complementary medicine. We now have learned through medical research that years before the diagnosis of these conditions is finally made there are clinical clues and laboratory evidence present to either detect or predict the future emergence of overt diseases in these patients. This program will help you to understand the most current evidence related to the etiology of these disorders and how to identity these conditions early and clinically intervene with nutritional, pharmaceutical,and lifestyle interventions in order to alter the pathophysiologic basis of these conditions.

  • All participants will receive a manual containing extensive notes complete with scientific referencing.

  • Selected Topics Covered In This Seminar Include:

  • The rising incidence of autoimmune disorders – How bad is it really?

  • A clinician’s perspective on immune dysregulation

  • Mucosal immunity and the importance of the GI environment

  • Autoimmunity – An infectious disease?

  • Molecular mimicry as a contributing cause of autoimmune phenomenon

  • Dietary antigens and autoimmune disease

  • Leaky gut and autoimmunity – Just functional medicine folklore or scientific fact?

  • The hygiene hypothesis of autoimmune disease – Are we too clean?

  • Role of vitamin D and autoimmune disease – Is there really a controversy?

  • Can autoimmune disease be predicted long before clinical symptoms appear?

  • Toxins and immune dysregulation

  • Natural therapeutic agents in autoimmune disease, Lyme and stealth infections

  • Lyme and co-infections – How to detect them – How to treat them

  • Stealth infections and cancer

Most importantly, we’ll show you how to put this information to work immediately to help your patients in your practice.
  • David M. Brady, ND, DC has 22 years of experience as an integrative clinical practitioner and over 18 years in health sciences academia. He is a licensed naturopathic physician in CT and VT, a board certified clinical nutritionist and received his original clinical training as a chiropractic physician. He currently serves as the Vice Provost for the Division of Health Sciences and Director of the Human Nutrition Institute at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut. He maintains a private practice, Whole Body Medicine, in Trumbull, Connecticut. Dr. Brady is also the Chief Medical Officer for Designs for Health, Inc. He is an internationally sought-after presenter on nutritional, naturopathic and integrative medicine. He has appeared on the plenary speaking panel of some of the largest and most prestigious conferences in the field including IFM, ACAM, A4M, IHS, and many more.

    Dr. Brady has published a multitude of peer-reviewed scientific papers and textbooks related to chronic pain, autoimmunity and functional gastroenterology and is a featured contributing author in the medical textbooks Advancing Medicine with Food and Nutrients – 2nd Ed. Kohlstadt I, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, 2012), Integrative Gastroenterology (Mullin G, Oxford Press, Weil Integrative Medicine Library, New York, NY, 2011) and Laboratory Evaluations for Integrative and Functional Medicine – 2nd Ed. (Bralley JA, Lord RS, Metametrix Institute. Duluth, GA. 2008).

  • Todd LePine, MD is a graduate of Dartmouth Medical School and is board certified in internal medicine, specializing in integrative functional medicine. Additionally, he has advanced clinical training through the Institute for Functional Medicine. Dr. LePine practices in the Berkshires in Lenox, MA, and had worked as a staff physician at Canyon Ranch Health Spa in Lenox, consulting with clients from around the world. In addition he is a clinical consultant to Genova Diagnostics and teaches seminars to physicians on the clinical application of advanced biochemical laboratory testing. He is a faculty member of A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine).

    The focus in his practice is to help patients achieve optimal health by balancing nutritional biochemistry in the body and to teach patients how to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. His areas of interest within medicine include optimal aging, biodetoxification, functional gastrointestinal health, systemic inflammation, autoimmune disorders and the neurobiology of mood and cognitive disorders

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