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CEU credits are being sought...

for NDs, DCs, L.Ac.s

  • 4.0 CE Hours for NDs & DCs in surrounding states (facilitated by University of Bridgeport Division of Health Sciences Postgraduate Education Dept)

  • 4.0 CE Hours for L.Ac.s (through the NCCAOM)

  • Nutritionist CEUs sought through NANP

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Integrative Cancer Care: Optimizing the Biological Terrain and Supporting Healthy Function

Place:   Chicago, IL 

Date:    10/18/14

Venue:  Chicago Marriott O'Hare

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Featuring Nalini Chilkov, LAc, OMD


  • Cancer is a metabolic process that develops within a complex biological environment. We will review the unique differences between healthy cells and cancer cells.

  • Strategies will be provided for modulating immune function, supporting overall health and managing the bioterrain to prevent the development, growth and spread of cancer cells with the targeted use of nutritional and botanical therapies.

  • Examples of an integrative multidisciplinary team approach will be presented to demonstrate that the inclusion of a functional medicine plan, in collaboration and coordination with conventional oncology treatment during all stages of cancer care, may protect and support normal healthy function and enhance quality of life for cancer patients and cancer survivors.

    Overall Learning Objectives:

  • Define integrative cancer care

  • Describe models of collaborative integrative cancer care teams

  • Understand the role of functional medicine and Chinese medicine clinicians as part of an integrative cancer care team

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of the hallmarks of cancer and the unique differences between cancer cells and normal cells

  • Demonstrate understanding of primary fundamental functional changes that occur in the bioterrain and factors that
    influence promotion of an environment in which cancer may develop, grow and progress

  • Demonstrate knowledge of the influence of nutraceuticals, botanicals, acupuncture, and dietary and lifestyle factors on the
    cancer bioterrain and normal healthy function

  • Demonstrate understanding of drug-herb and drug-nutrient interactions and contraindications as a member of a collaborative
    cancer care team

  • Understand how to develop a treatment plan to support normal functions relevant to the cancer bioterrain using functional and
    Chinese medicine and including the appropriate use of acupuncture, nutraceuticals, and botanicals, as well as dietary, lifestyle
    and behavioral interventions

  • Biography : Dr. Nalini Chilkov, L.Ac., O.M.D. is a leading edge authority in the field of Integrative Cancer Care, Cancer Prevention and Immune Enhancement. She is the Founder of where she offers online programs and resources that empower and transform. Dr. Chilkov brings over 30 years of clinical experience combining the best of Modern Functional Medicine with the ancient wisdom of Traditional Oriental and Natural Healing. She is a highly respected expert in her field, a frequent speaker at conferences, educational institutions and a trusted resource to the media.

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