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Nutritional Endocrinology & Autoimmunity

Place: Tampa, FL

Date: 11/10/18

Time: 1:00pm – 5:00pm; cocktail hour to follow

Venue: Le Meridien

601 N Florida Ave

Tampa, FL 33602

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Featuring Rebecca Murray, APRN, FNP, MSN, CDE

Course Description
  • In recent years, we have seen an exponential increase in endocrinopathies and autoimmune conditions involving the adrenal, thyroid, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, pancreatic, and reproductive glands and organ systems. It is well known that our genes have not changed, yet our environment has drastically changed. We have seen an increase in exposure to endocrine disruptors, genetically modified foods, nutrient-depleted soils, and pharmacologic agents that deplete our bodies of vital nutrients.

    Sadly, most people are not diagnosed with an identifiable problem until severe “end organ damage” has occurred. Knowing that there is a continuum between optimal health and a “diagnosable disease state,” the early identification of risk factors would allow for appropriate interventions that reduce the risk or even possibly reverse the process of a health consequence.

    Advances in testing methodologies have provided practitioners the distinct advantage of being able to identify factors specific to that patient so that they are able to incorporate individualized treatment options that reflect the concept of “precision medicine.”

    In this seminar, we will review the role of genetics, environmental influences and nutritional factors in the evolving epidemic of commonly missed symptoms associated with endocrine and autoimmune diseases and functional medicine treatment options that target the underlying pathophysiology.


  • Learn how to analyze serum verses intracellular levels of vitamins, minerals, metabolites, amino acids, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids.

  • Understand the difference between essential versus conditionally essential nutrients.

  • Learn about the increasing problem of drug induced nutrient deficiencies and the exacerbation of medical problems that the drug was supposed to treat.

  • Understand the concept of “molecular mimicry” between food antibodies, viruses, and bacteria, and the initiation and/or exacerbation or autoimmune conditions.

  • • Lean how to identify the EARLY symptoms of autoimmune conditions and utilize cutting edge testing to identify the triggers and associated nutrient deficiencies and how to incorporate a preventative plan of action.

  • Understand the relationship between DNA damage, nutrient deficiencies, and the risk of cancers.

  • Learn about the cross-reactivity between foods that can cause inflammation and contribute to endocrine and autoimmune conditions.

  • Understand the concept of the “malnutrition of obesity” and the causes of micronutrient deficiencies that promote insulin resistance/hyperinsulinemia, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and PCOS.

  • Learn how to analyze DNA-based stool testing in terms of abnormal levels of beneficial bacteria verses pathogenic bacteria, viruses, parasites, potential autoimmune triggers, digestion markers, and immune status markers and treatment options to correct the underlying problems and heal the gut.

  • Understand the difference between various probiotics and their ability to repopulate the GI tract.


Rebecca Murray’s Bio:

Rebecca Murray is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner and former Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing (adjunct faculty) for Yale University School of Nursing for 21 years. After graduating from Columbia University, she spent the first 12 years of her career in critical care medicine, but her desire to practice preventative medicine led her to become a nurse practitioner, focusing on the functional medicine approach to patient care.

For 15 years she was the Medical Director for Connecticut Holistic & Integrative Medicine, specializing in medical nutrition therapy in diabetes control and prevention, weight management, PCOS, autoimmune diseases, hormonal balancing, and risk reduction for estrogen-related cancers. She has now joined the world renowned functional medicine endocrinologist, Dr. Edwin Lee, at the Institute for Hormonal Balance in Orlando, FL.

She continues to follow her passion of speaking at conferences both nationally and internationally on the subjects of metabolic syndrome, PCOS, and autoimmune disease. She has also written numerous articles for peer reviewed journals on the subject of PCOS as it relates to insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome.


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