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In the News

SitoMedica - In the News

Designs for Health® is pleased to announce the introduction of SitoMedica®, our new medical foods division.

"The introduction of SitoMedica® marks our recognition of the growing demand for safe and effective, condition-specific tools for the metabolic management of chronic illness," said Dr. David M. Brady, Chief Medical Officer of Designs for Health®. Brady further stated that "this new line will uniquely position us to offer integrative health care practitioners the broadest range of possible solutions for their patients through innovative products backed by unparalleled scientific research."

On May 9, 2013, SitoMedica® launched its first two products, Arthroben™ and Osteoben™. Arthroben™, which addresses the dietary management of osteoarthritis and musculoskeletal inflammation related to athletic or other physical activity, and Osteoben™, which focuses on the dietary management of osteopenia and osteoporosis.

Dr. Brady expands on the meaning of this new chapter in DFH's history, saying, "Our entry into medical foods represents the translation of the emerging scientific and clinical information on individualized nutrition to patient care. SitoMedica® medical foods will address the unique nutritional requirements of these disorders without creating unwanted side effects, and will position us to better serve our practitioners and their patients."

Robert J.Nicolosi, Ph.D., CNS will lead the research team in the development of a full line of medical foods under the SitoMedica® brand. Dr. Nicolosi has served as a professor and researcher with prestigious such as UMASS Lowell, the University of Connecticut and Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Nicolosi's vast experience, when combined with that of a visionary team at DFH, will uniquely position us to provide clinically proven medical foods backed-by unparalleled science, consistent with our Science First philosophy.