Rethink Your Energy Drink

Keeping pace with the demands of active, busy lives requires steady energy, sharp thinking, and always feeling at peak performance and “on top of your game.”

Is there a way to reach and sustain this seemingly mythical state of top cognitive and physical condition that so many of us seek yet rarely achieve?

Keto-Nootropic combines ketone salts with
American ginseng to provide a rapid,
lasting boost in mental clarity, focus and
memory, as well as physical and athletic

What Is It?

A powerful and entirely unique energy enhancer packed with potent natural ingredients designed to fuel brain and body.

Our great tasting mango-orange powdered drink is an easy to digest and fast-acting superfuel that offers a host of health-promoting benefits to give busy professionals, athletes, or anyone with an on-the-go lifestyle an edge.

Supports memory, learning, mental sharpness and general cognitive dexterity*

Helps banish “brain fog” and achieve laser-like focus and mental stamina*

Enhances physical endurance, recovery and overall athletic performance*

Helps curb hunger to better control caloric intake*

How Does It Work?

Unlike energy drinks filled with dangerously high levels of caffeine, refined sugar or artificial stimulants and sweeteners (that cause a slew of unsavory side effects), Keto-Nootropic’s novel formula works synergistically to provide a safe, fast-acting and long lasting boost.

Compared to carbohydrates or fats, ketones generate more energy molecule for molecule.

When the body uses ketones for fuel, tissues receive more energy than they would from any other fuel source, resulting in a perceptible difference in energy levels.


A patented, carbohydrate-free energy source featuring 3 exogenous ketone salts. Provides immediate and sustained fuel for the brain, heart and muscles to promote enhanced mental and physical performance.*


Traditionally used in Chinese Medicine to support cognitive function. This form is clinically demonstrated to positively impact brain function, especially memory, learning, alertness, attention, and mood.*

Why Keto-Nootropic?

Stay Sharp & Keep Fit

Gives busy moms, dads, college students, professionals, and ‘biohackers’ an edge for brain and body fitness

Provides a more efficient fuel source for the nervous system and supports declining neurological function related to aging

Boosts athletic performance as well as endurance

Help Improve Focus & Performance

Provides ideal support for first responders and military personnel

Promotes quick and sustained energy for those who require calm yet focused thinking

Provides carbohydrate-free fuel for optimizing muscle and mind power

Control Cravings

Eases the transition to a low-carb or ketogenic diet by diminishing carb cravings, controlling appetite, and boosting energy

Instantly helps get one back on track when struggling to stick to a low or no carb nutritional program without negative effects

Offers the benefits of elevated ketones for already healthy individuals, without carbohydrate restriction

Keto-Nootropic’s goBHB exogenous ketones are a more
efficient and cleaner burning fuel than glucose.
They're like jet fuel for the brain.

Amy Berger, MS, CNS, NTP
Author of The Alzheimer's Antidote

Our quality and efficacy
promise means always pure
and effective products

Gluten Free



Why Designs for Health?

Science Based Formula Design

Our “Science First” philosophy defines our unwavering commitment to science-driven research. Formulations are crafted with the ideal combinations of therapeutic ingredients and potencies to maximize successful treatment outcomes.

Premium Ingredient Selection

We work with the most reputable raw material suppliers to select the best ingredients. Internal and third party testing meticulously check for perfect potency, composition, and purity.

GMP Certified Manufacturing

Our facilities are third party certified for good manufacturing practices. This rigorous product testing at our DFH-owned facilities in Montana and Nevada ensure the highest quality throughout the process.

Convenient Purchasing Options

We make our products available through the shopping methods that work for you. Order at your convenience, have your supplements shipped direct and lightning-fast.

Rethink Your Energy Drink


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