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Company Research Initiatives
Designs for Health has been the health care professional's trusted source since 1989.

Our Commitment to Advancing Science

As part of our “science first” philosophy and commitment to advancing the research and application of dietary compounds, Designs for Health is excited to support clinical trials in partnership with major academic and research institutions. These efforts seek to elucidate the mechanisms and physiological benefits behind various nutrients, botanicals, and dietary constituents. Explore the array of research initiatives and published literature by our clinical team and members of our Scientific Advisory Board below. These efforts investigate the nutrients and other compounds we leverage in our Science First™ formulas and serve to expand the scientific understanding of their biological actions and influence on human health. *Research Indirect Cost Rate: Designs for Health, Inc. acts as a private funder of clinical research on ingredients and finished products and has established an indirect cost rate of no more than 15% to all accepting funds for sponsored research

Published Research and Journal Articles

Our Scientific Advisory Board, clinical, and education teams contribute regularly to the scientific literature, as principal investigators and authors in established medical journals and scientific publications. These independently written articles have no affiliation to Designs for Health commercial endeavors, but support the broader scientific community's understanding of emerging trends and considerations in the realm of nutritional and functional medicine. Explore the array of featured, third-party publications below.